I’ve discussed the complexity of measuring ROI on social media strategies, running SEM campaigns are far more straight forward.  Any business owner who is looking for an instant result and conversion from their dollars, SEM may be their best route.  Provided you set up the landing page(s), extensions, and link your Adwords properly.


Recently I had the great pleasure of working with a client from California that was launching their very first national digital marketing campaign.  They are a recreational company, specializing in instructing children how to swim.  The company had previously operated in nine cities in California, this summer they were opening locations in Dallas and Houston.  What was so great about working with this company was how prepared they were.  While this may have been their first digital marketing campaign, they knew exactly who they wanted to market to.  Down to the zip code.


For about six weeks we worked together building their keyword list, writing their ads, setting up mobile and location targeting.



Some decide to build their landing page(s) then bid on relevant keywords using the landing page copy as a guide.  Personally, I prefer to measure keyword traffic to determine what copy to use on the landing page(s).  Search for relevant keywords based upon your industry, paying close attention the average monthly traffic (depending on the size of your budget dismiss any keywords with low search volume).

Image by janjf93 from Pixabay

Landing Page:

It is crucial that the digital marketer and the web developer work together on the development of all landing pages.  Tracking codes must be placed, targeted keywords must be included, and the site structure must be optimized for mobile.  If you are working with a third-party web developer make sure they provide you and your digital marketer access to the site in case of necessary updates.



We recommend bidding conservatively in the beginning and increasing over time.  You want to make sure that you don’t spend too much of your budget prematurely.  This also works as a good safety tactic, if there are any last minute issues with your website you don’t want to notice them after spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.