A blog is a great way to not only increase search engine rankings, but also increases social media link clicks.  However, a blog can be a lot to manage. Consistently brainstorming ideas, drafting hundreds of words per post, proofreading, much of this business owners do not have time to do.  That’s why we provide blogging services, so that you can concentrate on running the day to day operations for your business.

Video Production:

You’ve heard the stats, four times as many potential customers prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it.  By 2019, video is expected account for 80% of the internet. If you haven’t started developing video content, getting up to speed can be overwhelming.  We can help you with product videos, vlogs, conferences, and editing your long-form videos into short social media posts.


A podcast is a great way for a business owner in specialized services, such as health and finance, to increase their brand recognition. Providing interesting and relevant information on topics users search for every day introduces you as a subject matter expert to the public. Trindie can provide producing services in the form of audio equipment, production schedule, guest bookings, and episode topics.

Website / Landing Page Copy:

Keywords are still, and forever will be, a major emphasis in SEO.  Website metadata and copy are very important in organic search rankings. In addition to SEO, website copy adds major benefits to pay-per-click. Relevant keywords and content on your website can save you hundreds or more each month in cost-per-click. We review industry related keywords to provide suggestions on website copy, link building, and blog titles.